• Pitt County Board of Education, District 8

    Melinda Fagundus - Sole Candidate

    Melinda Fagundus

    Your current job: Nurse Practitioner


    Your education: Master of Science in Nursing


    What will your top priority be if you are elected or re-elected?


    My top priority is to provide a quality education to all students. During the pandemic it has been challenging to provide the quality with both face to face and virtual learning when compared to our pre-pandemic in-class learning. I will continue to work with our senior staff as well as look at what we as a school system can do to assist students with any catchup growth necessary, post-pandemic. First, we will need to see if this is even an issue and then what programs might we be able to develop if there is a need.


    How will you involve your constituents in the process of making decisions?

    I am available through email for questions or concerns from the community. I also am active in various community organizations, where I get input from constituents. I am active in supporting the schools located in my district as well as others throughout the county. In the past I have held small forums for parents and the community to address their concerns as well as have input. Parents for Public Schools is another avenue that I find valuable in getting parental/community input.


    Why should voters choose you for the position you are running for?

    I value public education and have been a very active board member. I will listen to those who have suggestions and concerns and truly try to advocate for the good of our students and staff.


    What three things about you do you most want voters to know?

    I see myself as a representative for ALL students, not just District 8.

    I believe in public education.

    I would believe that all students can be successful.