• Pitt County Board of Commissioners District C

    Betsy Flanagan vs. Beth Ward

    Betsy Flanagan

    Current job: Accounting & Financial Consultant


    Education: Bachelor’s degree, Business Administration - Finance Concentration


    Top priority if you are elected or re-elected:

    Take a long-term investment approach to make sure our tax dollars are being used to strengthen our tax base in Pitt County for the long-term. This includes investing in things that will improve the quality of life of our residents and grow the local economy.


    How will you involve your constituents in the process of making decisions?

    The key to being a good representative is communication. It is imperative that an elected official be accessible and also take the time to educate the people on matters and considerations. I intend to do the same thing as I have done during my term on the Board of Education and share details of upcoming decisions to allow constituents time to provide feedback using social media and news outlets and take the time to educate the people on the considerations and consequences of each decision being considered.


    Why should voters choose you for the position you are running for?

    I have demonstrated with my leadership as Chair of the Board of Education and through my assistance with the many small businesses that I work with across Eastern NC that I have the ability and energy it takes to adapt quickly, commit to constant research of quickly changing complex conditions, fully understand every situation and act decisively and swiftly in order to do what is best for the people I serve.


    What three things about you do you most want voters to know?

    I believe that the people of Pitt County deserve to be the beneficiaries of elected leaders who can respectfully work together, with other state and local elected officials, the citizens, and with other stakeholders to find creative solutions to benefit Pitt County. I am a coalition builder and am skilled at bringing multiple stakeholders together to think creatively and strategically to develop solutions to complex issues. I am committed to working with a diverse group of people to collaborate and think creatively on new approaches to move Pitt County toward our goals. I believe it will take respect, a willingness to collaborate with others who have different perspectives, and the willingness and energy to find workable solutions that benefit everyone.


    Is there anything else you wish to say?

    The Pitt County Commissioners are statutorily assigned the responsibility for public school buildings and needs to develop a responsible plan for how to prepare for the aging facilities and growing needs of our public schools, population growth outpacing capacity in some areas within the County, and the need for additional classrooms needed as a result of HB90 legislation. Pitt County should make working together collaboratively with all communities and entities throughout the county to maximize sustainable economic development. Pitt County citizens will benefit from strengthening our relationship with law enforcement and EMS services throughout the county to make sure that our citizens are safe and served efficiently in the event of an emergency. We also want to support our county agencies to support a high level of quality of life.




    Beth Ward

    Current job: Retired public education teacher and principal; 10 years as instructor at ECU College of Education.


    Education: Master’s in Teacher Education; Master’s in School Administration and Advanced Degree in Administration.


    Top priority if you are elected or re-elected: Developing growth and businesses throughout all of Pitt County and supporting our county staff in developing a budget that will serve all of our citizens. Continue developing relationships with towns in Pitt County by helping to bring work and residents to our communities.


    How will you involve your constituents in the process of making decisions?


    The county website has my phone number and my email posted. Citizens from all over the county contact me almost daily with questions or suggestions. If I cannot help them with the answers, I connect them immediately with the resource in the county that can serve them. It is also, very important, for me, to keep communications open to all our town officials.


    Why should voters choose you for the position you are running for?


    I am a Pitt County native and have always been led by strong relatives and friends to serve and give back. If elected, again, I will serve all citizens, regardless of party or location in the county. A county commissioners' job is to serve, grow and develop the whole county. Every year I have served as a commissioner, I continue to learn. This county is blessed with leadership and exceptional directors and leaders in all county departments. They unselfishly serve the citizens and guide the commissioners.


    What three things about you do you most want voters to know?



    1. I am a hard worker and make myself available to all. 2. My experience in working in county government and what I continue to learn every year with this experience is important. 3. Being retired, I have time to focus on the county business and citizens.


    Is there anything else you wish to say?

    Being a Pitt County Commissioner is a very important job for me. As a retired educator, I will continue to have time to focus on Pitt County as we continue to work toward growing our county. With the pandemic upon us, I feel I have to say, that the county is working hard every day to help our citizens get back in the workplace during these difficult times for all.