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    We Have the Candidate Info You Need to Vote Local

    Nearly everyone has an opinion about who should be president. But most voters have no idea about the candidates for their local elected offices – even though these are the people who set local policies and oversee vital services right where we live.


    Our elected local officials set property tax rates, oversee fire protection, law enforcement, road repairs, education, and many of the things we like—or dislike—about the town, city or county where we live. Local officials have vast impact, yet very few voters decide who they are.


    Voter411ENC.org is a nonpartisan public service providing local candidate information. This spring we are providing information about candidates for the Greenville City Council, whose election was rescheduled from the initial November 2021 date. As most council members are elected by district, the election was postponed because of the delayed 2020 Census results.


    We believe it is essential to democracy that people know their candidates' goals and priorities so that they can make an informed choice in this spring's election. We hope this is why you have come to this website. Please vote. Election Day is May 17.

  • Greenville City Council Candidates

    For Candidate Information, Click on the Orange Boxes Containing Each Candidate's Name

    Two candidates are running for mayor this year.

    In Greenville, the mayor is elected by voters throughout the city. He or she acts as the official head of the government, spokesperson for the Council, presides at all City Council meetings and signs all documents authorized by the Council.

    City Council District 1 - Two Candidates

    City Council District 2 - Two Candidates

    City Council District 3 - Two Candidates

    City Council District 4 - Two Candidates

    City Council District 5 - One Candidate

    City Council at Large - One Candidate




    One of the six members of the Greenville City Council is elected to an at-large seat that does not represent a specific district.


    *Voter411ENC.org was founded in 2020 with support from the East Carolina University School of Communication and College of Fine Arts and Communication. It is maintained by Dr. Cindy Elmore and Dr. Brian Massey from the School of Communication.


    We contacted all candidates and asked them to tell us and you about their goals and priorities, and to provide a photo.


    We aim to be the most comprehensive source for nonpartisan election information about local candidates.


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