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    Do you skip local elections because you don’t know anything about the candidates? Don’t!

    Be a voter who cares just as much about homegrown issues as you do about who is president. Democracy works best when people know their candidates' backgrounds, goals and priorities so that they can make an informed choice when they VOTE.









    We hope this is why you have come to Voter411ENC.org, a nonpartisan public service providing local candidate information in Pitt County.

    Please vote. Election Day is Nov. 7.


    For candidate information in YOUR municipality, click on the links at the top of this page.

    Please urge nonparticipating candidates to respond to our request*---so that voters aren't left voting on the basis of yard signs -- or worse, not at all.

    We vote knowledgeably when we have access to information. The candidates win -- and so do we.


    *We will update candidate pages as more provide their information.





    *Voter411ENC.org was founded in 2020 with support from the East Carolina University School of Communication and College of Fine Arts and Communication, and this is the fifth election the site has provided candidate information. It is maintained by Dr. Cindy Elmore and Dr. Brian Massey from the School of Communication. We contacted all candidates in Pitt County and asked them to tell us and you about themselves, their goals and priorities.

    Please note that all candidates were contacted repeatedly.

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