Town of Ayden

    Ayden Town Council (Voters Choose One Candidate for Ward 1 and One for Ward 2)

    Cindy Goff, candidate for Ayden Town Council

    Cindy Goff

    Ward 2

    Your current job and title:


    I am retired after 24 years in finance.


    Your highest level of education:


    My highest level of education is some college.


    If you're elected or re-elected, what will be your top priority? Why?


    If re-elected, one of my top priorities is to strengthen our town’s infrastructure and address stormwater and flooding issues. Also to continue working on economic development that will begin to welcome and move businesses into our town. Ayden is growing and I want to make sure that that growth is healthy and works for the benefit of all of Ayden.


    If you're elected or re-elected, how will you involve your constituents in the process of making decisions?


    If re-elected (or not), I will continue my involvement with the citizens, listening to their needs, striving to answer questions and being a voice for those who feel ignored or marginalized.


    Why should voters choose you for the position you're running for?


    I have spent this term diligently learning the intricacies of municipal government and applying that knowledge for the betterment of my community. The people of Ayden are banding together to build an involved, eclectic, caring community and I am passionately committed to this endeavor. Ayden is on the move and I am extremely proud to be a part of that movement.


    Which three things about you do you most want voters to know?


    The things I would want voters to know about me, they already see. That I care, am passionate about and involved in my community. I have always been active in community organizations wherever I have lived. Even though all of my immediate family live in West Virginiia and Ohio, my husband and I have Chosen Ayden as our home.


    Is there anything else about you that you wish to tell voters?


    One additional thing I would like Ayden voters to know is that I, along with [former state representative] Brian Farkas, was instrumental in getting Ayden placed on the DOT signs heading North toward the NC11 bypass from Grifton/Kinston.