• Town of Grimesland Board of Aldermen

    Six Candidates; Voters Choose Five

    Eleanor Farr, candidate for Grimesland Board of Aldermen

    Eleanor Farr


    Your current job and title:


    Mayor, Town of Grimesland. Retired Pitt County Clerk of Superior Court


    Your highest level of education:


    College at ECU


    If you're elected or re-elected, what will be your top priority? Why?


    Well-being of citizens.


    If you're elected or re-elected, how will you involve your constituents in the process of making decisions?


    With constituent input. The input of constituents in decisions.


    Why should voters choose you for the position you're running for?


    I am experienced with the operation of the office and the people.


    Which three things about you do you most want voters to know?


    My experience, and I know the citizens.