• Greenville City Council - District 1

    Two Candidates 

    Monica Daniels

    Current job and title:

    Social Work Supervisor at Pitt County Department of Social Services


    Highest level of education:

    Master of Human Service


    If you're elected or re-elected, what will be your top priority? Why?


    Affordable housing, Business Growth and Community Collaboration.

    Because home ownership is a big part of the American Dream, I believe that affordable housing should be available to everyone that desires to be a homeowner. Quality rental would also include affordable rental properties.

    Business growth would have a focus on non-profits. if the pandemic taught us anything, is that non-profits are the heart of our communities.

    Community collaboration, because none of this can be established alone; it will take the entire community.


    If you're elected or re-elected, how will you involve your constituents in the process of making decisions?


    Communication is a key component in keeping others involved. It is also important to realize that one person can do this work alone. I am accessible and teachable. I believe that we need to get back to the "it takes a village" to make this work successful.


    Why should voters choose you for the position you're running for?


    Voters should choose me because I have a proven track record. I have walked the streets, knocked on doors and made myself available to community members throughout the pandemic and on a daily basis. This work does not stop. I have made personal phone calls to ensure that vaccinations were available to those who did not have access due to lack of transportation or the internet. I have fought for artists to be able to express themselves through their talent, despite strong opposition. I have also fought for our youth to have a place to go after school by advocating for and obtaining the Boys and Girls Club in West Greenville.


    Which three things about you do you most want voters to know?


    I will always listen to your concerns, I am empathetic to your concerns and I will never stop fighting for what is important to you and our community.


    Is there anything else about you that you wish to tell voters?


    Serving my community and Greenville as a whole has been a challenging yet fulfilling endeavor that I would be honored to continue. Community is family and through the good and bad, we have survived together. My desire is to continue this journey with you and to continue to serve as the District 1 Councilwoman this election.



    William Shiver

    Current job and title:

    My wife, Gale, and I are the owners and founders of Sure Foundation, BHS. Together we help people with recovery from such things as substance abuse with counseling, therapy and life coaching, helping them restore stability and tranquility in their lives. I am also a pastor.


    Highest level of education:

    I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Health and Physical Education with a minor in Business from Elizabeth City State University. Also, for those who have thought about asking me, the answer is yes, I did play basketball at Elizabeth City State.


    If you’re elected or re-elected, what will be your top priority? Why?


    My goal for the people of District 1 is the same as in my business: to uplift people’s lives to a place of stability and tranquility. I will look to accomplish this through four primary areas:

    • Housing Standards: I will push to improve rental housing standards and affordability for citizens as well as accountability for landlords.
    • Business Support: I am also for strong support of business. I will advocate for funding for businesses in District 1 with improved beautification initiatives and addressing drainage issues.
    • Community Programs: We need consistent year-round financial support for community programs geared towards academics, sports, substance abuse education, the arts, and life skills training.
    • Community Care:  We must raise our level of community care and the only way to do that is to truly care for the community. I will work towards connecting our citizens with community resources and will focus on ensuring healthcare solutions for our seniors.

    If you're elected or re-elected, how will you involve your constituents in the process of making decisions?


    In addition to being as transparent as possible, I will make every effort to make sure that everyone in District 1 has all of the necessary information that they need on the issues. Also, I will do everything in my power to ensure that the people of District 1 have that information while there is still time to do something about it.

    Too often, by the time we even hear about the issue, it’s too late! By the time the people know about it and find out what is at stake, the City Council has already made their decisions and there is nothing anybody can do about it. Personally, I am sick of that, and it needs to change.


    Why should voters choose you for the position you're running for?


    My campaign slogan is, “An everyday man working for everyday people.” However, it is much more than a simple catch phrase, it is who I am. I was born and raised right here and have experienced some of the best as well as some of the worst things that life has to offer.

    Voters can consider me just one of them—we are one and the same, and I have been doing the things that they would do if elected, such as helping to uplift the lives of people in need. As most people in District 1 already know, I am highly visible in the neighborhood and always accessible.


    Which three things about you do you most want voters to know?


    First, I love this place, seriously. With the exception of short periods of time, I have spent my entire life in Pitt County, mostly in Greenville and most of that in District 1. This is my home and I will do anything I have to to protect and preserve it. Once I saw our city beginning to lose focus on the goals for this area and starting to take control out of the hands of the people, giving the power to big business and special interest, I said no. That is why I am running for City Council in District 1.

    Second, I want everyone to know that they can call me. You can talk to me up close and personal. Again, I am just an everyday man and this is my everyday cell phone number: 252-531-3156. Voters should know that any issue they have in District 1, is an issue that I have in District 1.

    Finally, I want people to know that as a younger man, I was once on the wrong side of the law. Yes, I made my fair share of stupid mistakes. However, not only did I learn from the experience, but I also discovered first-hand that the halls of justice are not always equal in serving people of color. I learned much about injustice and how the system works, and from that education and the grace of God, I was able to turn that blunder into a blessing. Through our non-profit business and ministries, my wife and I assist people who have had some misfortunes in their lives.


    Is there anything else about you that you wish to tell voters?


    I just want people to keep in mind that it is elections like these -- small, municipal elections for city government -- that are the most important. Some think that voting for president is the most important vote you can cast. However, while a presidential election is a critical vote, those people who run for president of the United States, U.S. Senators and Congress usually start on the municipal level.

    If you love this city like I do, please come out and vote on May 17, 2022. Early voting begins April 28th. If you live in District 1, then I hope that I have earned your vote. If not, please call me and let me know what I can do. Thank you!