• City Council District 4

    Two Candidates

    Robert McCarthy

    Awaiting Candidate Response

    Rick Smiley

    Current job and title:

    Research Administrator at ECU


    Highest level of education:

    Bachelor of Arts in Political Science


    If you're elected or re-elected, what will be your top priority? Why?


    I first ran for public office because I had grown frustrated with the way City Council made decisions. Important questions went unasked, real measures of progress (or the lack thereof) were absent, intuition and guesses were substituted for data. Elected officials placed their pride and personal standing above the best interests of their constituents. Existing plans were ignored or undermined by short-term thinking. I thought a more rigorous approach informed by fact and analysis and strategic planning would better serve Greenville. While representing the citizens in District 4, I have worked to govern with rationality and civility. This has meant doing the homework, working the problems, listening respectfully to both supporters and opponents, and overlooking personal attacks in the search for good answers. There remains work to be done, which is why I am running for reelection.


    If you're elected or re-elected, how will you involve your constituents in the process of making decisions?


    I exchange e-mails and phone calls with constituents all the time. My cell phone is listed on the city website. Many people seem surprised that their notes initiate ongoing conversations -- they apparently expect that such notes will simply be read or tallied. On most issues, I have time to chat with most people who wish to do so.


    Why should voters choose you for the position you're running for?


    Since I have been on Council, we have dramatically expanded our parks, increased investment in infrastructure and public safety, and attracted good jobs and strong companies to locate in Greenville. We have done this while reducing our tax rate and our spending per citizen. Citizens tell me they think Greenville has been doing well! I ask them to vote for the leaders who have helped create that success.


    Which three things about you do you most want voters to know?


    Is there anything else about you that you wish to tell voters?